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Welcome to Sharratt Painting & Decorating


Timeless Styles 

Sharp details and beautiful colours are available for your property from Sharratt Painting & Decorating.  We offer a variety of painting services for new construction, renovation projects and repaints for interiors and exteriors. 

Attention to Detail

Sharratt Painting ensures that your finished interior project is flawless.  All surfaces are inspected with a light, filled where needed, sanded between coats of paint and all trim areas are re-caulked (for repaints) and often caulked twice for new construction projects.  Doors and trim are thoroughly vacuumed prior to painting.  Trim edges are taped with a low tack tape prior to painting walls to ensure perfect lines.  

Exteriors are prepared properly and thoroughly with more than 30 years experience to assist in determining the best product to use for your job.


No clean up for you!  All non-painted areas are covered and protected.  All dust is vacuumed.  The job site is left clean and tidy each day and any garbage is removed at the end of the job.

Impeccable References

Sharratt Paining has worked on many different design projects in the past.  If you would like to learn more about our skills and performance, check out our Gallery Page for samples of past projects.  We also have a long list of impeccable references.  See our Testimonials to hear from our customers.  If you would like more references, please do not hesitate to request them.

Painting Proposals

Free detailed quotes are carefully prepared so you know exactly what you are getting from Sharratt Painting & Decorating.

Proof of Worksafe BC and Liability Insurance available upon request.

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